Way to Make a Gift Box Out of Folded Paper


Paper gift boxes are made quickly and easily, and they can be adapted in various ways to the occasion or gift inside. You can adjust the size of the box depending on the size of the paper you use. The finished box will always be a quarter of the size of the original paper square, if measured from corner to corner. These boxes are great for small gifts and souvenirs for parties, and they can be customized for holidays or according to the recipient’s style by decorating the paper with rubber stamps and other decorations.
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It may be useful to use waste paper to practice making a box before working on the one you plan to donate. You can even practice various decorating techniques, such as the placement of rubber stamps and other techniques, on your waste paper box.
How to make an origami Gift box

What you will need
Equipment / Tools

Bone folder, a blunt-edged hand tool used for bending needlework materials (optional)
Glue (optional)
Finishing materials such as rubber stamps (optional)


2 square sheets of cardboard (or other thick paper)


Mark the center of the sheet

You will start by making the lid, and then repeat the process with a slightly smaller square of paper to make the base of the box.

Start with one sheet of square paper. Draw two lines diagonally from corner to corner using a pencil and ruler. This will form a large cross marking the center of the square. Don’t worry about the marks on the paper, as the marks will be on the inside and they won’t be visible.

Make the first folds

Fold each corner into the center of the square. If you have one, use a bone twisting tool to make a clear crease. This will provide you with a high-quality finish. Otherwise, straighten the folds tightly by hand. Then unfold the paper.

Make the second folds

Then fold each corner along the line on the opposite side that you made by bending the corner diagonally to it. Then unfold the paper again.

Make the third folds

At this stage, you should see a series of squares created by different folds. Now you will finish it with the last set of folds.

Fold each corner so that it corresponds to the fold line closest to it. Then unfold the paper again.

Make incisions and decorate the paper

Make four incisions, as shown in the photo below. It doesn’t matter which set of corners you cut, the main thing is that they are located diagonally to each other.

If you want to decorate the paper with stamps or other artwork, now is the right time to do it while it is still flat. (After the box is folded, it will be more difficult to decorate it, but not impossible.) If you use ink, give it time to dry before you start folding the box.

Fold in the corners without cuts

Now you are ready to fold your paper gift box. You can use some glue to fix the creases in place, but it’s not necessary.

First, fold the two corners without incisions into the center.

Fold on 2 sides

Take the same edges of the corners that you just folded and fold them along the next fold line to form the sides of the box.

Fold the cut ends

Fold the cut ends to form the other sides.

Make the last folds and repeat for the base of the box

Fold the two remaining pieces into the middle of the box. This will securely fasten the box. There is no need to add glue unless you want extra strength.

Now that the lid is ready, you can make the base of the box in exactly the same way. However, this time you will cut the square a little smaller so that the base fits in the lid.

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