Method for Sew a Yo Yo Blanket


Patchwork quilts “Yo-yo” are made of round pieces of fabric with long stitches on the edges bent outwards. The stitches are pulled out to assemble the circles into rosettes.

Individual yo-yos are usually hand-stitched in rows when they are used to make a patchwork quilt, but they are also great for three-dimensional applications.

Yo-yo style quilts were popular in the 1930s and 1940s, and there are many fine patterns sewn from fabrics of those eras. Some of them were structured, with rosettes arranged in such a way as to form a pattern, but many examples are patchwork quilts.

You can often see quilts in the yo-yo style without batting or lining. These designs are used as bedspreads or capes.
Some yo-yos are connected with a short seam, but others are sewn more tightly to fill in the gaps, which makes the circles appear convex.
A yo-yo is sometimes attached to a large piece of fabric, which can then be handled in the same way as any other quilt top. The layers of this type of quilt are usually knitted rather than quilted.

How to make a Yo-Yo

Decide what size you want your yo-yos to be and make a round template twice the size plus about 1/2 inch. Plastic or cardboard templates will work just as well as round lids for cans. Several companies, such as Martha Stewart, produce special cutters that will help you create circles from fabric of different sizes.

Place the circle pattern on the right side of the fabric and lightly circle it with a pencil or chalk marker. Leave about 1/2 inch between the circles.
Cut the circles about 1/4 inch beyond the line.

Thread a thread for manual quilting, which is stronger than ordinary thread, into the needle for hand sewing. If you use a regular thread, sew with two threads.
Tie the end of the thread with a knot and lift it from the wrong side, bending it under the circle on the line. The needle and thread must pass through both layers to create a seam allowance.
Continue sewing in a circle, bending along the way under the seam allowance.
When you reach the starting point, pull the thread to assemble the circle into a socket. Leave a hole in the middle of the yo-yo.
Distribute the folds and secure the thread with a few reverse stitches, then tie the knot for extra reliability.

Cut off the excess thread, tie the knot again and make another yo-yo.

You may find that you don’t need a marked line to bend the circles under the sewing. Try to cut circles with a rotary motion, but use a special rotating template so that your fingers do not touch the blade.
Sew a Yo-Yo together to make a Yo-Yo blanket

To create a patchwork quilt in the form of a yo-yo, start by arranging the yo-yo in rows. Experiment with the layout until you find one that you like. When will you be ready:

Align the two yo-yos with the assembled sides together.

Make a few stitches along one side, stitching at the beginning and at the end of the seam to secure it. Tie a knot if you want.
Repeat, adding more yo-yos to finish the row.
Connect the rows together in the same way.

Yo-yo can be sewn to a large piece of fabric, then layered with batting and tied around the edges. Either cover it with a patchwork quilt, or tie it.

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